What clients say about us:

"Very responsive..." – Mario Misso – COO, LogicalTech

"I would like to compliment Infonity who have been very responsive to deal with in relation to assisting us secure the necessary Technical and Management Consultants for our business and client needs. They are flexible and generous in the way they do business and this is refreshing to find in an industry that is highly competitive. Wishing them continued success."

"Pretty safe bet to engage his services..." –Charles Kovess – President Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce

"I am impressed with Goutam's passion and his deep concern for his fellow humans. He has a deep desire to help people achieve their goals and dreams. He understands how he can add value, and is committed to doing so. If he thinks he can add value to your life, or your business, then I consider it's a pretty safe bet to engage his services."

"Enthusiasm and flexibility... " – Stephen Manallack – Managing Director, iZDOT Holdings Pty Ltd

"In my experience, Infonity brings a combination of enthusiasm and flexibility to every task, which produces faster results. I just find they will do what they promise to do, and I greatly value that sense of trust and reliability."

"Follow through with their promises..." – Martin Coyle – Managing Director, Consistent Results

"In all my dealings with Infonity, what I have really enjoyed is the combination of passion and energy together with a genuine desire to understand and be flexible. I know that their integrity is very high and they follow through with their promises."

"Gives every assignment 100%..." – Gary Isaacs – COO, LogicalTech

"Goutam is motivated by his desire to see you succeed. He is extremely ethical and gives every assignment 100%. His broad business experience makes his advice useful and practical. I do not hesitate to recommend his services or him personally."

"Impressed with the speed and thoroughness..." – Saurabh Mishra – Executive Director, Health Enterprises

"I engaged Infonity to help us sift through the hundreds of applications we had received for our advertisement for a helpdesk position, shortlist 5 candidates, arrange interviews, and assist with the final selection. My colleagues and I were impressed with the speed and thoroughness with which Goutam delivered on the brief. We were able to fill the position within one week of engaging Infonity. I have no hesitation in recommending Goutam and Infonity for any similar recruitment related requirement."

"Positive attitude, passion for his work and eagerness to help others..." – MichaelGladkoff – Director, Word Nerds

"I have enjoyed working with Goutam from Infonity. His positive attitude, passion for his work and eagerness to help others make Infonity stand out in the field of employment services and consultancy."

"believes strongly in doing everything to satisfy his clients..." –Rod Smith – Director, Strategem Management Consultants

"Goutam is a passionate entrepreneur who really works hard to make a difference. He is a people-oriented businessman with who believes strongly in doing everything to satisfy his clients. Infonity has built a strong brand very quickly through a combination of a good understanding of its clients and delivering on its promises."

"Goutam is an honest entrepreneur..." –Dale Simpson – MD Bravo Consulting Group

"Goutam is an honest entrepreneur who is of erring the marketplace a real alternative, which in this space is sorely needed. I would recommend him to others."

"Achieve the result which exceeded our expectations..." – Vivek Panchakshari – CEO Ambi Consultants

"I am very happy with Infonity's approach in recruiting an Accounting Assistant for us within a very short duration of time! The recruitment consultant spent quality time in understanding our needs and were able to achieve the result which exceeded our expectations. I am happy to recommend Infonity's services to our clients and partners."

"Business is based around integrity and transparency..." – Graeme Orr – CEO, Australian Sales & Marketing Institute

"I have been privileged to have connected with Infonityand its creative driving force – Goutam Basak – who impresses both through his genuine, engaging personality and his significant contribution to building flexible approaches directed to enabling others build more positive and beneficial outlooks in their lives. Success in any business is based around integrity and transparency - and Goutam epitomises these attributes within his approaches and offering of services to business."

"Passionate about finding solutions for your business..." – Sophie Dougall – Owner 'Sophista' -Tailored Professional Editing

"Goutam is passionate about finding solutions for your business. His energy and enthusiasm are impressive and will give you absolute confidence in a satisfying outcome."

What candidates say about us:

"Most professional and reliable recruitment agents..." – Senior Consultant Government

"When I was approached by Goutam he displayed a high degree of integrity, and responsibility and wanted to do the best for both his client and employee. Because he has a good understanding of the technical requirements, he is able to recruit the best people. I have been in the IT industry for 30 years and have found Goutam to be one of the most professional and reliable recruitment agents."

"Different than other HR companies..." – Senior Solution Architect Government

"Infonity is different than other HR companies because the team members have their relevant field knowledge and experiences. When Goutam started dealing with as he worked in IT for 8 years we had a more constructive and fruitful discussion. I never felt they are doing key word matching. I felt very comfortable dealing with infonity. I wish them well and gladly recommend to businesses to use their worth."

"Found him professional and honest..." – Senior Solution Architect Government

"Infonity is a very professional consultancy. I have worked with Goutam and have found him professional and honest. His sincerity and commitment was very refreshing. He takes time to listen and understand your need. I would not hesitate to use Infonity again and would highly recommend them."

"Tireless worker who conducts his business at the highest ethical level..." – Senior Business Development Manager

"I have worked alongside Infonity for that entire period and have found them to be one of the most capable HR company I have ever known, as ethical as ethical can be, a brilliant person in all matters of business and life, an outstanding civic activist, family man and a quality human being by all standards. They has always sought to solve problems, and create positive “win-win” situations with the help of their knowledge and intellectual property. I have found Goutam to be a tireless worker who conducts his business at the highest ethical level."

"Thank Infonity and their staff for the great opportunity..." – Senior Architect

"Infonity assisted in placing me in a specialised role with The University of Melbourne. I was supporting Australia's first ever cloud dedicated to scientific research called Nectar NSP (National Server Program) - a government funded initiative. I was working with research departments around Australia to deliver a more stable, customer focussed platform. I want to thank Infonity and their staff for the great opportunity I was given."

"Very professional and this is reflected in their people skills..." – Technical Support

"Infonity reached out to me for a position that suited my degree outcome roles and I was really excited about it. Infonity was able to place me in an upcoming software firm. They are very professional and this is reflected in their people skills. I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to get started in the IT industry with such an amazing company where I could apply the skills and knowledge that I learned from the university."

"All correspondence were done in a timely manner..." –Marketing Manager

"The team at Infonity was extremely helpful to me, they understood my desire that provides flexibility and this was always at the forefront of our job-search process/ discussions. Their level of professionalism and integrity were always high whilst all correspondence were done in a timely manner. I wish them ALL the BEST"